The 29th Edition of the Gyan Carnival was an outstanding achievement

The 29th Edition of the Gyan Carnival was an outstanding achievement, and we extend our gratitude to all the participating teams and everyone involved. More than just a sporting event, the Gyan Carnival embodies emotion and serves as a pathway for nurturing young talents, boasting a rich history of cultivating champions who have excelled on both national and international stages.

Congratulations to Radiant Public School (Boys) and Rato Bangala School (Girls) for winning the title at the 29th Gyan Carnival. Your outstanding performances are truly appreciated. We wish for your continued success and aspire to see your future contributions to the national team. Looking ahead, we anticipate returning next year with the 30th edition of the Gyan Carnival and offer our best wishes to one and all.

We express our gratitude to Mr. Nirakar Yakthumba, our Executive Director and the visionary behind the inception of Gyan Carnival 29 years ago, for his invaluable contribution in establishing and upholding the legacy of the Gyan Carnival. We appreciate his continued support and dedication in preserving this cherished tradition.

Final (Girls)

Rato Bangala 43 - Radiant Public 33

(Highest scorer Anshu Uraw 26 points)

Final (Boys)

Radiant Public 54 - Gyanodaya 44

(Highest scorer Santosh Sharma 22 points)